Remittance-as-a-Service: United States

Since 2012 when we first coined the phrase RaaS or remittance-as-a-service, we have been striving hard to make startups and entrepreneurs enter the remittance (money transfer) business without sacrificing an arm and a leg. As research will show, the United States is one of the most challenging markets to work with. Not just from a licensing point of view but also from the fact that the barrier to entry into the world’s largest market has a very high barrier to entry in the form of capital required.

Throughout the years, we have played a crucial role in bridging the gap between the license holders and those who want to launch their own money transfer company under a sponsored white-labeled platform.

If there is anything the COVID19 era has taught us (other than wearing masks and social distancing), it is that digital is the new frontier being embraced by all. Digital is here to stay. So the quest was to figure out a way to help money transfer companies go from analog to digital.

After months of painstaking negotiations, we are happy to announce more affordable packages for those startups and incumbents alike who wish to enter the United States money transfer market but found that the barrier to entry to too high for their comfort.

Summary of Remittance-as-a-Service Packages (for the United States)

Please see below the summary table for the three packages (Start, Pro, and Enterprise) that we offer for Remittance-as-a-Service. Full pricing can be seen on their pages:

Program Details

  1. Remittance as a Service (RaaS) Cheat Sheet (USA)
  2. Remittance as a Service (RaaS) Solution
  3. Comparison Table (Starter, Pro & Enterprise)
  4. Get Started with RaaS
  5. The Process
  6. Starter Package
  7. Pro Package
  8. Enterprise Package
  9. RaaS Pricing Options – What is your monthly total?
  10. RaaS Total One-time & Monthly Cost Calculator
  11. Sample Payout Corridor & Rates
  12. Sample Calculations Where $250 is being remitted
  13. Sample Calculations Where $500 is being remitted
  14. Sample Calculations Where $1,000 is being remitted
  15. Revenue Modeling Sheet for Remittances

This page was last updated on August 12, 2022.